Cool Things You Can Do with Instagram that Can Help Boost Your Followers

Buy Instagram Followers                                                                                       

Another way to gain followers is to buy them from companies who consider themselves media experts.   Before you think about the bad reps these companies and what their sells get. You first have to realize in every industry and service, there are genuine companies and there all scams. Of course scams, get more publicity than anything and they over shadow the good that these companies offer. When you find a legitimate company to buy Instagram followers from, you will be able to actually gain real people with real followers. The great thing about these followers is that they’ll either add on to the followers you already have or give you that jump start that you need. Although I can’t tell you how these companies do it, since each company have their own trick of the trade and are very secretive on how they do it.

If you haven’t fully discovered all of the cool things you can do with your Instagram account here are some other cool apps and creative activities that you may not know about.

Make Stickers and Posters

Prinstagram allows you to print your pictures in thumbnail view for a poster or mini sticker books. This will be great for someone who wants open a local boutique shop. Take pictures of monumental sites or things around town use Prinstagram to make household items like cups, refrigerator magnets, or anything else your customers might buy. You can post these items on Instagram and show your work. This will be great for locals to show pride in their town. You can even advertise the sale on Instagram and ask people to follow you.

Print them out

Instaprint is a company that offers an instaprint box that prints photos that were taken for Instagram. Just hashtag it and it will search for it and the correct location and print. It will print on Zink paper with their photo icon and name on the top left hand corner, and any comments posted at the bottom.  This will be useful for social events, grand openings, and public properties. People who tend you invite will attend and follow. People will show their friends and their friends will definitely want an invite to your next event, and how can they be sure to know when the next event is? Tell them to follow you in order to get and invite for the next event.

Send a Real Postcard

Postagram iOS app offers it users to send a postcard using your Instagram pictures. This is a great way to get your clients to remember you and remind them to follow you. Just enter the address into the phone and it will be sent through snail mail. Use a photo from a meeting or special event, that includes the sender with your username at the bottom. This sentimental act may make them more sentimental to follow you.

With the web and technology getting more creative every day, it is imperative that you find more innovative ways to gain followers and potential clients.